Uplift older loved ones and caregivers

Beaver is a family-centered platform that provides personalized and culturally-tailored wellness solutions for older loved ones and those who care for them.

Our platform is trusted by:
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How Beaver Works

Our comprehensive, culturally-tailored support for older adults and caregivers combines clinical expertise, modern technology, and meaningful family connection to deliver the highest standards of care.

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Culturally Personalized

Beaver tailors evidence-based cognitive stimulation, physical, and mindfulness exercises to the unique life experiences and cultural context of each older adult and caregiver.

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Our platform integrates daily photos and messages from family members, transforming clinical activities into meaningful family interactions for both older adults and caregivers.

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Beaver provides affordable, on-demand professional support directly from the comfort of your home. Our platform features an easy-to-use interface designed for older adults.

Why Families Love Beaver

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My mom is 99 years old and doesn’t use keyboards or smartphones. Beaver can be used hand-free via voice and was so easy for my mom to use. She loves Beaver.

Son, Pennsylvania
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I was raised by my grandmother who was diagnosed with stage two dementia this year. I was anxious and worried about how to help her and prevent accidents. Beaver reduced my anxiety and helps the entire family. We are grateful and feel supported by Beaver.

Granddaughter, California
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Grandpa likes how Beaver’s activities are tailored to our culture and that he can see the grandkids daily. He uses Beaver every day and says it’s fun. Beaver brings the family together for "healthy fun" and helps grandpa and me feel loved and supported.

Caregiver, New York